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Crossing the road and hit by a car, bus, or motorcycle ?

If so we can help. We are experts in person injury claims and specialise in helping pedestrians that have been knocked down by cars, vans, lorries, bikes or Buses.

Unfortunately, the number of road accidents involving innocent pedestrian injuries is on the increase, with speed an often factor in the cause of road traffic accidents, particularly in built up areas.

It might be that you were hit at a pedestrian crossing or simply crossing the road, whatever your case we can help assess whether you can claim compensation from the driver that has caused the accident.

Hit and Run Pedestrian Accidents : you can still claim

Even if you were hit by a driver that then drove off and left the scene we can help, as you might be able to claim compensation under the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) this is a government and insurer funded organisation that funds the compensation of victims of road traffic accidents involving uninsured or untraced drivers. We can guide you through the compensation process ensuring that you receive the maximum payout possible.

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